No Worry Loans are Available

Greater Watertown FCU has always been a great place for you to get a low rate car loan. However, now with our complete protection package you can get a new car without many of the worries associated with car ownership. Our complete protection package consists of:

Life and Disability Insurance

Covers your loan balance should you pass away and covers your loan payments if you become disabled.


Covers the value of your car should it be totaled or stolen.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Covers the cost of most major repairs to your car (see detailed article in this month’s newsletter on this new product).

Automated Loan Payments

Allows us to transfer your loan payment from your savings each month. You don't need   stamps or checks.

Best of all, the cost for peace of mind can be pennies a day. For a typical 48 month $15,000 car loan, the difference between no coverage and full coverage can be as little as $1.40 per day.