Did you know?

How do identity thieves GET your personal information?

  • They steal wallets and purses containing your identification and credit cards.
  • They steal mail from your mailbox, including credit card statements, preapproved credit offers, new checks, and tax information.
  • You are scammed, often through fraudulent email, web sites or telephone. (GWFCU does not send solicitation emails to members.)
  • They get the information from the workplace by stealing files from offices where you are a customer, employee, patient, or student.

What do identity thieves DO with your personal information?

  • They will open a new account in your name using your personal information. When they don’t pay the bill, it is reported on YOUR credit report.
  • They obtain cell phone service in your name...and don’t pay.
  • They open bank accounts and write bad checks on that account.
  • They counterfeit checks or debit cards and drain your account.
  • They buy automobiles and take out the auto loan in YOUR name.

Be Responsible - Take These Steps to Minimize Your Risk!

  • Check your credit report at least once a year. (GWFCU does report monthly to Transunion .)
  • Never give personal or financial information over the phone if YOU did not initiate the call.
  • Never respond to an email requesting personal or financial information, even if it looks legitimate and sounds urgent.
  • Keep information at home secure, from roommates, guests, or outside help, especially if you are having work done at home.
  • Shred junk mail and statements before throwing out, especially credit card offers.
  • Never write PIN numbers on the back of your credit card or ATM card.
  • If you ever receive a phone call or email from GWFCU requesting personal information regarding your account, call us at 860-945-0611. It could be someone posing as the credit union.