The Board of Directors of Greater Watertown Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce a proposed merger with FD Community Federal Credit Union.

Prior to recommending this merger we considered many factors and reached the conclusion that we, as a small Credit Union, could not thrive in the challenging times we faced.  We also wanted to maintain local governance of the institution and to preserve the things than have always defined Greater Watertown Federal Credit Union.  As we considered a merger partner we looked for a local credit union that could bring our members the things we have been unable to provide, along with providing the excellent service they have come to expect. FD Community Federal Credit Union met our needs.  They have been based in Waterbury since 1934, have two local branches and can deliver competitive products through their local branches or technology.

If you approve this merger, you can expect a variety of enhanced services and competitive pricing.  A list of the new services which will be available to you through this merger is in the complete documentation.  The 48 Woodruff Ave. location will remain open.

The merger proposal will be voted on at a special meeting on April 12, 2021. If you wish, you can attend this meeting to cast your vote.  However, in light of the pandemic, we encourage you to send in or drop off the enclosed “BALLOT FOR MERGER PROPOSAL” to 48 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CT  06795 any time prior to April 12, 2021.  If you have any questions about the merger, please contact the Credit Union.

The Board of Directors recommends you vote to approve the merger proposal.  

A copy of the merger proposal package, which you should have received in the mail, is below.